Great software delights the user - while satisfying all other requirements of the business.
Even when done right, software projects are expensive. When software is done wrong, costs overrun budgets, timelines stretch to infinity, users are never quite satisfied - and business needs are not met.

Why Software Projects Fail

Software projects fail at an alarming rate year after year. It is mind numbing to think about how much money is wasted on these projects. Do you ever wonder why this happens so often? We do, because as a small technology company we simply cannot afford failed projects.

Breaking the problem down to its simplest form, software projects fail due to wasted time. Sounds simple, right? Well, once you consider the reasons for wasted time you can quickly see why it is not.

Underestimating the importance of clear business requirements. This is the best way to waste time and money. This will set your project up for ruin if you let it.
Incompetent development teams. This wastes time because the work is not completed efficiently and errors lead to multiple delays.

How to Consistently, Successfully Build Software Projects

The secret to a successful software project is simply the effective and efficient use of time. OveractDev Technology Partners was founded in 2006 based on this "secret".

Our teams consistently succeed at building our client’s most challenging software applications. To do this we have had to become more than a team of great developers and designers. We are effective because we partner with our clients and begin the project with a healthy stance by understanding more than the project. We learn about our clients business objectives that potentially affect the software project.

We are effective because we PARTNER with our clients!

The OveractDev Technology PARTNERSHIP Approach


All successful projects utilize consultative partners (e.g. Marketing Agencies, Building Architects) who formulate strategy with the client. If you are not a software technology company, you need a technology partner you trust. Technologies are transforming businesses and obsoleting entire industries. As your tech partner, we can make your business the disrupter in your industry! We ensure you are not just using the right technologies – we integrate, personalize and customize technologies to create solutions for your business.

The FIRST stage of engagement with our clients is consultative.

Discover and Create

To insure we work on what is important and urgent we need to understand your business' needs and the key processes related to your project. We also need to learn about your industry, marketplace, and clients. We will need to understand the business model for your project to discover its unique value proposition, scope, milestones, budget, challenges, and opportunities for both users and other stakeholders. We call this stage of engagement discovery.

We want to share your vision so we can perfectly render it into a captivating software experience for the user.


Bridging the gap between business needs and technical expertise, OveractDev has an unrivaled process to leverage technology only if it serves a business need. This enables us to propose strategic and creative solutions exploiting emerging and customized technologies that will positively contribute to the success of your business.

Our proposals are written in your business’ language and meet your business’ requirements.


SOMEONE does need to give the engineers and designers detailed and precise descriptions of the feature requirements so that they know exactly what they need to build. At OveractDev we do NOT expect that someone to be you. Once we have agreement on the proposed software application, OveractDev architects document all the specifications the team needs to build and deploy it.

Our project specification define the complete user experience, and all important user stories, and full system software architecture.


As you probably know, building a software application is a complex undertaking. We don’t expect you to manage this process. OveractDev’s Engagement Managers are responsible for the coordination of all activity between you and our developers and designers. This allows the team to stay focused and dramatically increases productivity.