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About Us

O-Ver-Akt-Dev… that is a weird name

As a single word, OveractDev, reflects our passion for what we do. But, really, it is the three words: Over, Active, and Development that captures what we are about.


…is our preferred perspective. Like overarching and overview – our approach starts with looking at the big picture of the business needs and technology trends that deliver on it. We believe simplicity is best achieved when you can see complexity from above.


…is our preferred state of motion. As a culture, we are continuously analyzing, problem solving, and creating.


…is all about delivery. We design and develop business value through great software applications.

Uncommon passion bridled by powerful methodology… That is what OveractDev stands for.

The OveractDev Technology Partners Story

We began this company in 2006 under the name Win-Web Experts. “We” were four partners – all engineers based in St George, Utah. Jerry T Brown, our president, brought over fifteen years experience as an Engineering Manager, Software Architect and Software Developer in Silicon Valley. He also brought the vision of a company that would solve business problems for clients while being the perfect place for software professionals to advance their careers.

Since most of our clients were in Silicon Valley, we opened our second office in Mountain View, CA in 2009. As we grew, we added staff in northern Utah and then opened our third office in Orem, Utah in 2010. Today, our clientele are a mix of large software companies and funded startups.

The best part of our story? Our clients tend to stay with us over the years and many of the people we work with have become friends over time.

Who We Are

  • Melissa Miller Marketing Manager
  • Margaret Fang Account Manager
  • Trevor Linderman Financial Officer
  • Mike Scalora Engineering Manager
  • Jerry Brown President & Founder

Our Mission Statement: The Three Amigos

The decisions we make and the outcomes our actions produce simultaneously create three WINS; one for each of the three stakeholders we serve: our clients, our employees and our business. We playfully call this policy, “The Three Amigos”, because we recognize that the best course of action is always the one that dovetails the goals and objectives of our stakeholders:

WIN #1

We help our clients exploit business opportunities and solve their business problems. We deliver our solutions working as expected, on time, and with minimum bugs. We always deliver more in use value than the money our clients pay us.

WIN #2

We ensure our employees have challenging work within their preferred areas of expertise. We provide them with opportunities to constantly learn, grow, and accomplish new things. We ensure they are improving their resume, advancing their career, and improving their compensation while they work for us. We ensure they can complete their tasks within reasonable work hours.

WIN #3

Our business is based on integrity and having fun! We generate a healthy profit, great goodwill, follow-on business and referrals from our clients.

Our Guiding Principles

Our motto is: “Excellence in not enough, we have to be amazing“. We try to be excellent (not perfect) all the time, and amazing whenever we can. To this end, we expect every OveractDev employee to embrace the following principles:

Be the Leader

Help others grow and complete their work, be the Driver on your project, set an example in the quality of your work and by your attitude

Take Ownership

Work as if it is your client, your project, your team and your company. Work as if you make the difference. Understand the client’s objective (what, why and when) and our plan for delivering on it.

Master Your Discipline

Dedicate yourself to your chosen profession. Master the paradigms, patterns and best practices of your discipline. Master the technologies you use – and will one day use. Master your mind – the quality of your thoughts is infinitely more important than how hard or how long you work.

Work as a Team

Work to keep the support of your team. Work to support the members of your team. We win or lose as a team – never isolate a team member, never isolate yourself. Always edify your teammates. Elevate issues.

Build Rapport

Learn how to listen, ask questions, dovetail understandings, and assert for your point of view. Demonstrate to your teammates and our clients that you care about them and their concerns. Project competence. Learn how to resolve conflicts when they arise.