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Exmaples of the STARs Resume Format

  • March 8, 2013

In a previous blog we wrote about the STAR’s format for resumes, below is an excerpt that explains what the STAR’s format is.

“Your employment history should follow your skills and qualifications. In this area you will want to include your position, company name and location, and the dates you were employed there. This is also the area that you will want to include your job roles. Many companies and recruiters use the STAR method when reviewing resumes and this should be kept in mind when writing this portion of your resume. The STAR method is: Situation – background information, Task – how did you approach the challenge, Actions – what you did, Result – what were the outcomes. This should be considered when writing about what you actually did in each position and it should help you elaborate and will provide the detail needed to prove that you can handle this position. This is also a great way to show that your actions led to specific achievements.”

The following are some examples of STAR statements vs. a regular statement:

Regular Statement: Increased website traffic by 150%.

STAR Statement: Chosen to develop and execute SEO strategies to increase the traffic to website after previous strategy was unsuccessful. The strategy developed led to a 150% increase in traffic.

Regular Statement: Headed up campaign that led to $90,000 in sales.

STAR Statement: I led that team that was in charge of developing and executing a marketing campaign to launch a new product. The campaign launched and within three months we made $90,000 on the new product alone.

Have you ever used STAR statements on a resume before? Do you have any examples that you would like to share?

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