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How to Have Humility in a Job Interview

  • June 20, 2013

In any job interview you have to be able to strike a balance between being confident in your abilities and being humble. Showing too much confidence might make employers think you are not a team player, are unwilling to learn, and will have a hard time taking criticism. All three of these traits are crucial for software engineers to possess, that is why it is so important to prove humility in an interview for a software engineering position.

Talk about work you have done on teams. By incorporating information about team projects you will show your ability to collaborate and work with colleagues. Using team projects as examples will also help you avoid using I too much.

Overusing “I” is a turn off to employers because it will cast you in an egotistical light. Instead try incorporating the word “we” wherever it is possible.

Your resume should tout all of your accomplishments and it is better to do this on paper than in your interview. This will allow the interviewer to read about and be impressed by your accomplishments. You may also want to slightly downplay your accomplishments in person and again use “we” when you can.

Most interviewers will ask what faults you have, it is a common interviewing question. The fact is that no one is perfect and they are looking to find out if you are able to identify your own faults and work toward correcting them. Think about this question before going into an interview and come up with an honest response that expresses your faults, but also describes a plan for improving your faults.

The last item to remember is keep your body language open. Crossing your arms, slumping, or leaning away from the interviewer, these things can all leave the interviewer with the impression that you weren’t engaged or you are not open to what they are saying. Instead you should lean forward a bit and keep your arms out to the side.

Do you have any other tips for how to show humility in a job interview? If you think you have mastered this and are ready to interview for one of our positions, apply today.

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