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Job–Seasoned Front-end Developer

We need a very Senior Engineer for our team and we hope you are that someone. We are looking for someone who:
  1. Has mastered software engineering. Someone who loves to code and understands the discipline thoroughly. Creative thinker - someone who asks questions we haven't thought of and contributes original ideas.
  2. 5 or more years experience working on modern front-end development and its related technologies. You will be doing front-end coding almost all the time.
    1. Deep understanding of web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Sass), working with grid systems and javascript build tools
    2. Well-versed in responsive web design and writing unobtrusive JavaScript. A super-strong coder at Javascript. We aren't talking a little Javascript here and there. You will need to do complex, logical coding; interacting with internal & external APIs and manipulating screen components.
    3. Someone who has integrated: drag-and-drop, local/DropBox/Google Drive upload, third-party components of every kind, etc., etc.
  3. Experienced implementing common User Experience patterns and user stories, and building to style guides.
  4. Someone who is used to working with a team of engineers and with large cross-functional teams. This is what I mean:
    1. Outgoing and comfortable working with new people.
    2. Experienced following best practices related to code reviews, maintainable code, unit testing, and Agile practices.
    3. Write documents and express your thoughts clearly in front of others.
  5. Competent with CM functions, like:
    1. Feature and Bug Management (i.e. Jira)
    2. Source Control and branching (i.e. Github)
    3. Continuous integration
  6. Live in the northern California area.

Does this describe you? If so, please submit your resume and cover letter on the right. Thank you.

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