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The Art of OveractDev’s Strategy

  • June 5, 2013

As OveractDev takes on new clients it is important for each of us to remember that our Development Process must be adhered to in order to protect the “Three Amigo’s”; clients, employees, and shareholders.

Ultimately, the Engagement Manager (EM) and Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) are responsible and involved in every project from the beginning through the entire project. As the Sales team transitions the project from the Business Model Interview (BMI) the client is introduced to their EM and QAM. The EM and QAM become strategic partners as the client moves through this process from BMI and Architectural Design to Master Agreements and SOW’s, and then through the development process. In doing so this allows the client to be familiar with and experience the value of our process. This relationship enables the EM and QAM to fulfill their role not only as a strategic partner, but also as a guardian of our engineers ensuring the interest of the shareholders.

The EM and QAM play a crucial role in the planning and execution of our development process. They work with the client during the Pre Planning Meeting to discuss the Product Backlog, assist in selecting the highest priority tasks, ensuring tasks requirements are testable and well defined by using Function Point Estimation and provide enough tasks for the next Sprint. Once this is all determined the Sprint Planning meeting is called. The EM, Lead Engineer, Engineers, and Designers are all required to attend this meeting. The sprint candidate tasks will be assigned and each task will be estimated by effort from the engineers collectively (small, medium, or large). The priority of each will be determined and each will be added to the Sprint Backlog.

During the Sprint Execution the Engineers will work on their tasks beginning with highest to lowest priority and report in daily SCRUM calls ONLY what they accomplished in the last 24 hours and what they plan to accomplish in the next 24 hours along with any blockers or issues they come across. The Engineers, Designers, QAM and Client are the only people in the daily SCRUM call. The EM may come in occasionally as they see fit. If there are new tasks or altered tasks that are presented during this time by the client you must involve the EM.

Reporting is an important part of the process that must take place during the Sprint Execution. At the completion of the Sprint the QAM will collect tracking information pertaining to that sprint in order to track the progress and also for billing purposes.

Once the Sprint is complete, usually anywhere between 1 week and 3 week Sprints, the Engineering team will conduct a Demonstration and Retrospective meeting. The Client, EM, QAM, Lead Engineer and Designers are required to attend this meeting. Once completed the cycle starts over again with the Pre Planning Meeting to discuss the next Sprint tasks.

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