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OveractDev partners with companies to create, design, and develop software applications. Our disciplined and creative team of engineers and designers complete your project on time and within budget.

What We Do

Corporate Websites and Web Services

The design and development is based on intuitive user experiencem, well behaved services, and clear searchable content.

Mobile Applications

Our mobile development experts build beautiful robust mobile apps for iOS, Android or mobile browsers.

Enterprise Applications

We are highly qualified in developing eCommerce, CRM, content management, and integrating SaaS.

Verticals Served

Tech StartUps

OveractDev is an “engineering department-in-a-box”. We can immediately scale your development and design capabilities and help establish an Agile development for your team.

Fortune 500

We have created a variety of exciting products for a number of enterprise companies. Our clients welcome Overactdev team members because our designers and developers become productive contributors almost immediately.

Core Competencies

Application Development   ·   User Experience Design   ·   Content/SEO/Multimedia   ·   Quality Insurance

Application Development

Software Architecture

Our software architects will develop your strategic plan; including project requirements, estimates, architecture, design and project plan. They ensure that all plans align with your objectives and the development team working on your project is the best technical match. The architect will oversee the development process to ensure that the work conforms to the specifications approved by you.

Software Development

We hire and build development teams that are both highly disciplined and creative. Our teams are experts in using new and existing technologies to create applications as unique as your business.

Ruby on Rails Java Agile UML iOS Android HTML5 CSS JavaScript

User Experience Design

Your application must intuitively satisfy the expectations of your users in order to be successful.

Our UX designers research and anticipate how your product will be navigated by its users. Our team takes design concepts and turns them into easy-to-use, functional applications.

We meet with you and figure out your needs
We learn about your audience and check out the competition
We mock up concepts
to determine how
best to present your content
The design is refined through internal and client reviews
We work directly with the project engineers to turn designs into code
Your new project is deployed!

Content · SEO · Social Media

Content development is an essential aspect of your website, mobile app and social media profiles. Online content must strike a balance - it must engage the visitor AND rank your website well for keyword searches that drive your intended demographic to your online properties. Content includes writing, pictures, video, music, and graphics. We are experts at achieving organic, white-hat SEO.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance (QA) engineers approach every project the same way; they try to break the application in any way possible before the release because the sophisticated consumer base makes releasing a new product or service risky without extensive testing. We ensure the quality of the product is up to consumer standards by implementing test planning, automated testing and regression testing.

Our QA team has years of experience developing test plans, test cases, test scripts and testing strategies for custom sites and applications. Our team’s strong understanding of software quality assurance policies and procedures provides peace of mind for your product release.